Three Peaks, One Day: The Sea of Clouds

By Cecille V. De Guzman

Mt. Ulap (Ampucao-Sta. Fe Ridge) Itogon, Benguet

You won’t see the true beauty of nature just by taking pictures. Stop and stay for a while! And do something to promote eco-conservation and sustainable living. 

“Then one day you realize, things will never be the same as they used to be”

On the twelfth of May 2019 I was one of the 14 pax of beginners and pros who have conquered Mt. Ulap in spite of the unpredictable weather. I had the greatest experience of trekking the first mountain after several years past Junior camps, Mt. Isarog trail, Tigaon Hills and the Hibiscus Camp in Consocep. It was nothing but childhood memories but a lifestyle carried over my adult life–an advocacy and love for nature.

After a four-hour-travel from Dau, Mabalacat terminal to the jump-off trail in Ampucao, the whole trip never failed my expectations up to the glorious peaks of  Ambanao-Paoay (1788 masl), Gungal (1814masl) and lastly Mt. Ulap Summit (1846 masl). Yeah, three peaks in one day hike!

A wrist band souvenir I got from the trip

I was able to touch the clouds and taste it as I breathe in the cold crisp of humid air on top of the mountain. More than the panoramic view down below, I realized that going up there is not just a matter of physical activity but an advocacy running in my veins for years. We can do something to keep the fresh air, save the trees, and conserve natural resources in this shelter we called– Earth.  Let us go back to basic.

Adventures never end after one another…