20 Things I’ve Learned in 2020

Even the most painful and fearful situation can teach us the good sides of life. I’d love to share with you what I have learned this year… This freakin’ tough teacher year. 🙂

1. Go back to basics- more than anything else, remember all the good habits in health and safety.

2. Have a sustainable living – I think many people did try backyard gardening or ‘gulayan sa bakuran’. Raise your hand if you’re one.

3.Live one day at a time – don’t overthink or it can kill you in no time.

4. Avoid negativity, don’t spend so much time on social media. Trust me, it is where the most stressful events and info are posted.

5. Level up productivity – you won’t be bored if you find something to do.

6. Make hobbies worth your time rather than just killing time.

7. Transitions can be hard, but it pays for a lifetime.

8. Happiness is anywhere but it stays at home.

9. Patience means anything you do to hold your temper. Haha!

10. Be prepared – don’t underestimate warnings, don’t disregard notifications about safety protocol and disaster awareness.

11. Don’t worry too much – it will not solve the problem.

12. Be resourceful – discover new ideas, use your skills and talents

13. Be creative – in everything you do, give your best. Show the artist within you.

14. Be thankful no matter what – learn to see the brighter side of everything. Focus on seeing what you have rather than the things that aren’t.

15. Stop complaining- be contented, don’t ask too much. Our government officials have limitations, too. They aren’t superheroes.

16. Communicate in any form, by any means – Check on your relatives or your childhood friends. Ask how they’re doing. Say Hi. It won’t cost too much of your time.

17. Think before you talk and click (of course) – it will save you from shame. And don’t be gullible – fake news can be deceiving.

18. Don’t be compulsive – you don’t need all the things you LIKE. Learn the difference. Think about this the next time you shop online.

19. Respect yourself so that others will – respect yourself by practicing safety-first. Wear facemask, wash hands, and keep a distance. It can save many lives.

20. Hold on to your faith – above all, it is what we must learn first.

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