What Writers Have in Common

Writer’s block…

If you’re a writer and you don’t experience writer’s block, then you’re either lucky or not a real writer at all. I’ve got a few things to share whenever I experience writer’s block. Things have changed from a young college writer I was to a married woman and mom I am now. Before, I can write down my thoughts anytime and anywhere I was. But now, I’ve got to take advantage of the quiet evening when everyone in the house has fallen asleep. It’s a bad thing to have writer’s block at 2 o’clock in the morning so I do the following to keep me going:

1. I stick to my old routine. I keep tuned in to my favorite FM station 979 Home radio. A cup of coffee to wake up my mind and start writing a different topic. Writing a different topic aside from the one you are assigned to will help exercise your thoughts. It is called the diversion of your thoughts.

2. A writer’s block happens when you’ve got too much to digest about the specific topic. It is important to organize your thoughts and keep a draft on how and what kind of approach you would apply to the whole content.

3. If you are a content writer who is assigned with topics outside your comfort zone, reading materials related to the topic is a must but keep the plagiarism app as your closest friend. Trust me, it will help you keep your job.

4. Writer’s block is inevitable. It happens anytime anywhere without any consideration of your due date. For me, it’s not worth it to sit in front of your laptop while loading your thoughts. I stand up and promise to not come back refreshed. Forcing my mind to think will end up a non-sense content. I don’t mind. I leave it all behind.


If it’s not a good day for you, do not write. If you’re having a bad mood, do not attempt to write. If you are not feeling inspired or dedicated to writing the assigned topic, just do the dishes or the laundry instead.

There is no way out when you’ve got writer’s block. But having all the things right from the start will pave the way for you to write with all your heart. I’m having writer’s block right now and I hope this diversion of my thoughts would help me come back inspired. Hope you’ve got something useful with these pointers, too. Good luck!

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