Take a Pause

By Cecille De Guzman

Is it okay to slow down sometimes?

In a world where everything is fast-paced, it is okay to slow down and take a pause. The last three decades of my life taught me how to put the reality in a series of scenarios where I can watch them play and pause if I need to. I have learned that it’s not necessary to be always ‘on the go’, but rather take a pause to realize what is going on.

Ask yourself now, ‘what is going on in my life’? I ask myself the same question when it seems like things are unmanageable. No one would ask me this question except myself. Yes, I slow down and take a pause because I need to realize why my ideas do not seem to work; why I don’t get expected results; why am I not able to make it; why did I fail after trying hard?

The answer is honest and simple. I would not know the answers to these questions if I keep on going. Should I keep on running even though it means missing a lot of things? Or, should I just walk to have clear thinking?

We all need to take a pause and slow down. Because weighing which is a better option can lead you to an ideal decision. When you take a pause on the things happening around you, you will notice this one thing. Lack of understanding of why things are happening in your life leads you to the path of nowhere. Where is your direction if you haven’t figured out your purpose anyway? Will you keep on running until you fall down because life must go on? Stop! You should take a pause.

I was once running fast in my early twenties, but I stumble and fall without learning why I was running after all. My life used to be a ‘work-eat-and-sleep’ process. It was the fastest way ‘I know and I can’. Because I thought life must go on, I didn’t stop until I stumble and fall in the wrong direction. I got tired without knowing why. I was lonely but I couldn’t cry. I failed many times without learning the lessons in life. I thought life must go on, so I didn’t take a pause to know the answers to the ‘whys’. I was wrong.

It’s okay to slow down sometimes. In a railroad crossing, there’s signage that says ‘STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN’. I used to wonder why it has been my favorite public safety warning, but now I know why. We all need to STOP because life can be so tiring and demanding at times; LOOK around because lessons in life are waiting to be uncovered; and lastly, LISTEN to what your experiences teach you because it’s where you can find your purpose and direction moving forward.

It’s okay. Take a pause sometimes.

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