Humility- The Secret of all Success Stories

You don’t need to act like you know it all when you don’t.

I believe in the old saying ‘little knowledge is dangerous’. In fact, it could mean a total destruction, such a really big mess.

Growing up, I always keep in mind that my knowledge isn’t sufficient enough. I always crave to learn more. Know more in details, bits and pieces of learning.

Because learning is an endless process, I’d been thirsty and hungry for knowledge. Beyond learning, it’s important to remain humble.

I once typed in my keyboard ‘I wanted to write something that all ages would read’.

In reality, I only have few hints about what topic to write about. Being caught in the middle of obligations and daily tasks as an ‘adult’, I decided I should read a lot. I wouldn’t call myself a bookworm but at least I’ve read more than a hundred books, newspapers, bulletin boards,flyers, newsletters, magazines, blogs,comic book series and even the old newspaper used for wrapping ‘tinapa’(smoked fish). I read a lot so I would learn a lot.

In spite of the praises and compliments I received from my colleagues, workmates, boss, loved ones and friends, I still feel like there’s a lot of areas for improvement waiting to be developed.

In my opinion, I do not believe in perfection and mastery. Everything needs to be honed, nurtured and innovated for a better outcome. I remain humble with the little knowledge I knew because I believe some people are just better than me.

I remember my English teacher, Mrs. Jane Sanao calling me ‘Savior of the Ship’ because I used to ‘bravely’ raise my hand when nobody seemed to try in the class. I didn’t know the answer either! I was shy to try but it’s the least thing I knew to speak out and humbly admit – how I perceived her question and ‘my answer is this’, regardless if it’s right or wrong.

Her questions about English literature were thought-provoking. She had to leave us, her advisory class, for a School Principal position outside the town. I was literally crying at the back of the class when she was telling us ‘she’s leaving’. On her last day, she wrote me a letter, a very inspiring letter.

I wrote about this on my book ‘A Hundred and Fifty Days – A High School Memoir’ (sadly got delayed for publishing but soon to be out in the book market).

Ma’am Jane wrote “to hone your writing skills and start by contributing to our school publication”. It was quite an average -length letter composed of about twenty uplifting sentences. She wrote it in a plain white bond paper.  I guess that was where it all officially started.

My writing journey blossomed from poems to short stories, from news report to featured news highlights, from insightful blogs to personal opinions, from website pages to books in progress. It all began from my old journal notebooks, colored black and gray.

I know it will all come down to reality. It’s just the latter part in process so I think that I’m almost there. Dearest people around me remind me to stay on a low ground. It’s very important, especially when you’re trying to build a profile of a ‘motivational writer and speaker be like’.

I have plenty things to prove to myself and my beloved readers. My only promise is to keep writing, learning and sharing it to you all. Probably, it may give you a ‘good point’. Somehow, it can make you ‘think’ and digest it in your own mind.

I’m not doing this just to be famous someday. What is fame if you have a negative image? I’m doing all of these because I want to share a delightful insight, I want to move your hearts, I want to encourage, I want to inspire young and old people. It’s not too late to learn. There is no age limit for determined dreamers, nor ‘late-bloomer’ for fresh ideas and ambitions.

Someday, ‘I want to write something that all ages would read’. Humility is one of the first important values I learned in life. I’m sharing these thoughts to the young ones because the world may confuse and overwhelm you in a hard way. I’m telling these things to the old ones because you might think ‘you know it all’ by experience or knowledge, but the truth reveals – you just knew few details of everything.

‘Don’t stop discovering and learning good things. It might help you become a better person than you think you are’.

Beyond all success stories I heard, it was all about humility I admire so much. It gives you the spotlight where you don’t really have to say a lot. Your attitude speaks a lot about yourself.

Honestly, I still struggle in English vocabulary. Tell you what, I still keep a dictionary or Mr. google every step of the way. Superheros need a backup. I’m not a ‘super dooper’ so definitely I need one. I understand that there’s a lot of things to learn, especially when I think about English writing field.

I still have few lists to try in terms of learning. I decided to take English online courses recently and probably getting a Bachelor’s degree in English major starting this year. (Hopefully, time and resources would agree).

Note that I I have aligned my priorities accordingly. I don’t just beat around the bush or say this and that. I need a sense of direction to achieve something.

While I take each steps carefully, I play a humble role of being someone who needs ‘more learning’, ‘more understanding’ how the world really works, and the people I meet everyday.

Once you think that you ‘know it all’ and stop learning, you’re beginning to sound like ‘the wisest idiot’ trying to convince others you know something, but yourself proclaims ‘you don’t need to act like you know it all’. Fair enough? Remind yourself about that the next time you feel like ‘you know everything!’. Try to keep your feet on the ground.

‘Be a humble learner, not a great pretender’.

Yours truly, Ces.

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